Each of our sponsors is a key to our success.  Thank you for your support!

Gold Sponsors

3205 Westside Park Court
Mobile AL, 36695
Taylor Searfoss
Regional Sales Director
Phone: 256-508-1445
Email: tsearfoss@accuregsoftware.com
Website: www.accuregsoftware.com

AccuReg increases hospitals’ net revenue and enables price transparency with transformative patient access solutions. Its cloud-based suite uses exception-based workflows, a QA rules engine, intelligent benefit validation, accurate price estimation and complete authorization management to improve revenue capture by preventing denials and collecting more cash at the revenue cycle’s front-end.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch
100 S. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Kristen Welch
Phone: 410-605-6586
Email: kristen.welch@baml.com 
Website: www.bofaml.com

8401 Greensboro Drive, Ste. 800
McLean, VA 22102
Jasmin Miah
Phone: 703-770-6399
Email: jmiah@bdo.com 
Website: www.bdo.com

For more than 100 years, BDO USA has been recognized as a premier accounting, tax, financial advisory and consulting organization. Providing services to a wide range of publicly traded and privately held companies, BDO offers a sophisticated array of services and global capabilities, combined with the personal attention of experienced and committed professionals.

Bolder Healthcare Solutions, a Cognizant Company
9655 Maroon Cir
Englewood, CO 80112
Valerie Ray
Phone: 417-827-4139
Email: valerie.ray@cognizant.com
Website: bolderhealthcare.com

Bolder Healthcare Solutions (BHS), a Cognizant Company, provides custom revenue cycle management solutions for hospital systems, general acute care facilities and physician offices. Offering a full spectrum of services, BHS’ portfolio specializes in comprehensive RCM programs relating to insurance billing, legacy AR system conversions, third party liability, Medicare and Medicaid eligibility enrollment, coding and more. Our team of operators, strategists, and partners intimately understand client challenges and goals and have the capacity to manage all areas of the revenue cycle, combining advanced technology with the highest level of customer service to increase efficiencies and improve financial performance. Services are provided to more than 1,800 healthcare providers nationwide through the company’s Centers of Excellence. Learn how BHS improves healthcare at bolderhealthcare.com.

Credit Control Corporation
11821 Rock Landing Drive
Newport News, VA 23606
Terry Fuller
Phone: 757-373-3332
Email: terry@credcontrol.com 
Website: www.credcontrol.com

Credit Control Corporation (CCC) is the premier receivables management outsource vendor for healthcare providers seeking a partner to help navigate through today’s revenue cycle challenges. We focus on client-specific fiscal needs by offering a menu of support services including:

  • Extended Business Office Support
  • Pre-collection/Cash Acceleration Initiatives
  • Third Party Insurance Billing and Follow-up
  • Patient Accounting & Customer Service Staffing Support
  • Budget Account Management
  • Documented Medicare Bad Debt Collections
  • Delinquent Debt Recoveries
  • Call Center Support
  • IRS 501 (r) & Financial Assistance Plan Support

CCC has a 65-year track record of providing excellent customer service. With a BBB rating of A+ and SOC audit certification, our clients can depend on safe, secure data management. Our long-term affiliations with professional associations such as HFMA, AAHAM, and ACA International help keep us poised to meet tomorrow’s challenges, today.

8201 Corporate Drive
Landover, MD 20785
Pete Ash and Pete Leonard
Phone: 301-429-9316
Email: peteash@decorm.com and jleonard@decorm.com
Website: www.decorm.com

Since 1993, DECO Recovery Management has assisted hospitals by providing a full suite of eligibility management services. Our team ensures the effective and efficient conversion of potential bad debt into revenue that flows directly into the hospital’s bottom line. Our 94% capture rate means that you get paid for the services you provide, and don’t have to use valuable resources to make it happen. We believe exceptional efforts produce exceptional results and we are driven to make the DECO Difference each day!

EFFY Healthcare
3020 Dent Place, NW, 10W
Washington, DC 20007
Rebecca Crytser
Phone: 804-307-8333
Email: becky.crytser@effyhealthcare.com
Website: www.effyhealthcare.com

EFFY is Precision Medicine for your Revenue Cycle pains.

EFFY´s solution shifts the emphasis from reaction to prevention eliminating inefficiencies that undermine your processes.

EFFY’s powerful software tool and innovative approach of analyzing your Revenue Cycle processes at the molecular level, unveil root causes and create targeted action plans that fit your organization and current tools. 

EFFY and its powerful software tool, RAID Healthcare, will complement your current EMR and other IT systems and will make everyone better.

Clients gain a clear understanding of what they’re losing, why they’re losing it, and what they need to do to prevent that loss moving forward, all with real-time guidance that turns insight into immediate action, with a structured workflow included, that guides the fixing journey.

EFFY creates wellness in your Revenue Cycle.

Nationwide Credit Corporation
5503 Cherokee Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22312
Mary Arthur
Phone: 703-813-1406
Email: mary.arthur@nccva.com
Website: www.nccarm.com

NCC treats your patients with the respect and empathy they expect from your organization. When you require receivables partners who understand your business contact NCC and HealthCare Associates. Our job is to provide seamless solutions to our clients problems.

Oracle Corp
4323 Marjorie Lane
Knoxville, TN 37917
Julia Stumpff
Phone: 865-712-4067
Email: Julia.stumpff@oracle.com
Website: www.oracle.com

The key for any healthcare organization is to enable patient-centered, value-based care with a unified and secure cloud solution. Oracle Healthcare cloud solutions support the complex needs of healthcare payer and provider organizations—and their patients—to improve outcomes. Oracle empowers healthcare organizations with the most complete industry solutions, along with unified ERP, finance, HCM, supply chain, and EPM cloud applications.

PNC Healthcare
300 Fifth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Robbin Sheffield
Phone: 410-237-5205
Email: robbin.sheffield@pnc.com
Website: www.pnc.com

PNC Healthcare can provide a wide array of debt products to meet your capital structure needs. We deliver comprehensive capital solutions, whether through traditional bank lending with PNC Bank, N. A. or securities trading and underwriting through its affiliate, PNC Capital Markets LLC. From lines or letters of credit, term loans, securitizations and equipment financing, to capital planning services that include debt rating analysis as well as public taxable and tax-exempt bond issuances, PNC Healthcare can deliver the right mix of products to help you optimize your capital structure with one point of contact.

Silver Sponsors

425 3rd Street, Ste. 600
Washington, DC 20024
Christine Jones
Phone: 630-400-3256
Email: cjones@appriohealth.com
Website: www.appriohealth.com

ApprioHealth partners with healthcare organizations to provide Enrollment, Disability, Liability & Insurance Recovery solutions which improve operational and financial performance while positively impacting patient satisfaction. ApprioHealth’s approach combines proven workflows, leading and secure technology, and a certified team of healthcare RCM experts to consistently exceed customers’ expectations.

Commerce Healthcare
1000 Walnut
Kansas City, MO 64106
Kristina Heller
Phone: 816-760-3758
Email: kristina.heller@CommerceBank.com
Website: www.commercehealthcare.com

CommerceHealthcare®, a division of Commerce Bank, provides automated payment products for accounts payables, revenue cycle and patient financing. These tailored, ROI-based solutions enable providers to find cost savings, improve cash flow, and leverage new opportunities in everyday processes. The CommerceHealthcare® team includes healthcare and banking professionals dedicated to finding a better approach to many of the financial challenges facing the healthcare industry. From remittance processing to supplier payments to patient loan programs, CommerceHealthcare® delivers healthcare insight with financial foresight so providers can improve processes, increase margin and reduce financial risk.

Experian Health
720 Cool Springs Blvd., Suite 200
Franklin, TN 37067
Andrea Gonzalez
Phone: 615-661-5657
Email: andrea.gonzalez0@experian.com
Website: www.experianhealth.com

Smarter business decisions. A better bottom line. Stronger patient relationships. At Experian Health, we are uniquely positioned to collect, connect and protect data across the healthcare ecosystem, delivering the insights you need to improve your business and enhance the overall consumer experience. Let’s work together to simplify healthcare for all.

Hancock, Daniel & Johnson, P.C.
4701 Cox Road, Ste. 400
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Adrian Robinett
Phone: 804-967-9604
Email: arobinett@hancockdaniel.com
Website: www.hancockdaniel.com

Hancock Daniel is one of the largest law firms exclusively focused on the diverse legal needs of healthcare clients across the U.S. With over 60 attorneys licensed across the country, we are able to offer legal assistance in over 40 states. We strive every day to be the trusted adviser that healthcare providers seek to deliver insightful, results-oriented solutions to their varied, ever-changing and often complex challenges and opportunities.

10 N. Independence Mall W. Ste. 5NW
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Kimberley Raftery
Phone: 610-715-1523
Email: kraftery@hrsi1.com
Website: www.hrsi1.net

Medicaid Eligibility and Billing Company.

2001 9th Avenue, Ste 312
Vero Beach, FL 32960
Cheryl Spanier
Phone: 772-532-5822
Email: cspanier@meddatsys.com
Website: www.mdscollects.com

As patients become responsible for larger portions of their healthcare bills, it is imperative to have a sophisticated business partner that treats patients with respect, provides the highest levels of customer service and complies with all federal, state and local regulations. MDS invests in technology, staff training and process improvements to deliver smarter, quicker collections. Your patients get the best experience, and you get cost-efficient results.

MDS is privately held, exclusively healthcare focused and licensed to collect in all 50 states. Accounts are serviced in a compliant, legal and ethical manner. Our skills, experience and history of success have earned MDS a reputation as the industry’s preferred accounts receivable partner in early-out and bad debt.

Our proprietary systems provide exceptional flexibility to integrate with all forms of hospital patient accounting systems. Combining artificial intelligence with multiple layers of robotic process automation, we minimize decision-making, allowing recovery specialists to focus on more complex recovery opportunities.

10400 Linn Station Road, Ste. 100
Louisville, KY 40223
Erika Rohrer
Phone: 502-262-2534
Email: erika.rohrer@gomedassist.com
Website: www.gomedassist.com

Paying for healthcare is one of the most critical financial decisions a person will make…often without knowing the price or how to cover the cost even if they have insurance. Our story is really embedded in the stories of hospital teams and the patients we help them serve. Everything that goes into the non-clinical part of the patient experience is a complicated maze of financial challenges for both patients and hospitals. Hospital leaders rely on us to simplify the financial experience for both their patients and the people of their organization. Hospitals achieve a stronger financial foundation, while patients experience clarity and a path to peace of mind about how to pay for their care. Happy patients are loyal customers. And loyal customers tell their friends and family about their good experiences. That leads to new market share for the hospital…the kind of market share no financial software can create nor any marketing budget can buy. Hundreds of hospital leaders have chosen to work with us at more than 1,400 locations of care across the country. Leveraging the latest in technology and subject matter expertise, MedAssist can be integrated into your environment so you can achieve a stronger financial foundation and ignite patient loyalty.

99 E. Main Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Marcelo Fracchia
Phone: 908-487-3692
Email: marcelo.fracchia@oliveai.com
Website: www.oliveai.com

Olive is the first AI workforce built specifically for healthcare, automating healthcare’s most robotic processes, so human employees don’t have to. Olive delivers healthcare organizations improved efficiency and speed while reducing costly administrative errors. Using the systems an organization already has in place, Olive operates as a digital employee intelligently routing information and data between systems automating repetitive, high-volume tasks and workflows, providing true interoperability. Olive is proud to partner with more than 40 healthcare organizations made up of more than 500 hospitals in over 35 states across the country, ranging from some of the nation’s top health systems to small regional hospitals.

6 Hillman Drive, Ste. 100
Chadds Ford, PA 19317
Nicole Cook
Phone: 570-573-2224
Email: nicole.cook@revintsolutions.com
Website: www.revintsolutions.com

Revint was formed with the goal of creating a unique, first-of-its-kind, end-to-end enterprise platform provider of revenue integrity solutions for hospitals. Today, Revint partners with over 1,600 healthcare organizations in the United States and recovers over $700 million of underpaid or unidentified revenue for its clients annually.

Triage Consulting Group
1100 Peachtree St. NE., Ste. 1550
Atlanta, GA 30309
Brandon Holland
Phone: 404-574-6320
Email: brandonh@triageconsulting.com
Website: www.triageconsulting.com

Triage reviews closed (zero insurance balance) accounts to determine whether they were paid correctly. Our reviews encompass all payers subject to underpayment risk and we only work accounts that your team and any other vendors are completely finished with. Since inception in 1994, we have recovered over $4.6 billion for over 800 hospitals. When we discover underpayments, billing errors, coding inaccuracies, inappropriate denials, or any issue that may lead to incorrect reimbursement, we work with payers to recover the additional amounts due. If the issue requires a corrected claim, we work directly with the client to execute it. Our fee is 100% contingent upon the cash we recover. We deliver maximum reimbursement with minimum disruption to your daily operations. A typical review takes <40 total hours of your team’s time to get started and generates cash in the first 60 days.

Bronze Sponsors

360 Kingsley Park Drive
Fort Mill, SC 29715
Gary Heeseman
Phone: 770-895-5331
Email: lmoore@myacccessone.com
Website: www.accessonemedcard.com

AccessOne is a leading provider of flexible, co-branded patient financing solutions. We were recently ranked #1 in Patient Financing and awarded Category Leader by KLAS Research. Founded by providers, our solution provides a consumer-focused experience which drives high patient satisfaction for our clients. We have helped over one million consumers afford out-of-pocket medical expenses for health systems nationwide. We offer the most comprehensive platform in the industry with funding models that help more providers and programs that reach more patients. All patients qualify for our program with no credit reporting or negative outcomes.

Arnett Carbis Toothman
101 Washington Street East
Charleston, WV 25301
Greg Gibbs
Phone: 304-346-0441
Email: greg.gibbs@actcpas.com
Website: www.actcpas.com

Leaders in accounting and consulting since 1946. Arnett Carbis Toothman (ACT) provides forward thinking companies and businesses an array of class-leading services, supported by nearly three quarters of a century of accounting and consulting experience. ACT team leaders and associates are well regarded in their fields and adept at pinpointing and executing the most efficient and cost effective services necessary to maintain the rhythm of your business.

3 Independence Way, Ste. 201
Princeton, NJ 08540
Tom Fogerty
Phone: 215-817-0530
Email: tfogerty@besler.com 
Website: www.besler.com

BESLER combines best-in-class healthcare finance expertise with proprietary technology to help hospitals recover more revenue. Our reimbursement and revenue recovery solutions have delivered more than $4 billion of additional revenue to hundreds of hospitals across the United States. We serve as advocates for hospitals, so that they, in turn, can better advance the health and well-being of their patients.

Bull City Financial Solutions
2609 N. Duke Street, #500
Durham, NC 27704
Marc Brewer
Phone: 919-286-5466
Email: marc@bullcityfinancial.com
Website: www.bullcityfinancial.com

BCFS is licensed nationally to collect and we are Professional Practices Management Systems (PPMS) Certified by ACA International. We are the self-pay experts, specializing in:

• Extended Business Office
• Pre-Collections
• Primary Placement Collections
• Secondary Placement Collections

In addition to our PPMS Certification, we are SSAE 16 – SOC 2, PCI-DSS Certified, HIPAA and HITECH Compliant. All of our representatives maintain individual certifications as Certified Patient Account Specialists and Certified Professional Collection Specialists. As a successful ARM company that has been in business since 1975, our exceptional resume includes a long list of extremely satisfied clients.

Mission Statement: To deliver a paramount quality of Accounts Receivable Management and financial resolution skills consistent with our core values of Professionalism, Commitment, Transparency, and Excellence.

Butler Snow LLP
919 East Main Street, Ste. 600
Richmond, VA 23219
Kevin White
Phone: 804-762-6036
Email: kevin.white@butlersnow.com
Website: www.butlersnow.com

Butler Snow LLP is a full-service law firm with more than 350 attorneys and advisors collaborating across a network of 26 offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. Ranked as a leading firm for client relations and one of America’s Top 100 law firms in the BTI Power Rankings, Butler Snow is recognized as one of the nation’s top law firms for client service. The firm was recently ranked 48th out of 650 firms in the BTI Client Relationship Scorecard for understanding client business, anticipating client needs, unprompted communication, legal skills, quality and keeping clients informed.

Cirius Group
2300 Contra Costa Blvd., Ste. 250
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Laura Bartlett
Phone: 925-979-8085
Email: lauramaeb@ciriusgroup.com
Website: www.ciriusgroup.com

The Cirius Group’s flexible, scalable, and customizable solutions transform healthcare organizations into the most efficient financial powerhouses in nation. For 36 years healthcare leaders have trusted the Cirius Group to help them push the boundaries of what their revenue cycle can do. With our tried, tested, and proven record-setting solutions, they’ve set records of their own – taking their revenue cycles higher, further, faster. By automating claim editing, Cirius effectively prevents denials and rejections by correcting errors before submitting claims to insurance payers and reduces manual workload. Offering Direct EDI claim submission, automated claim editing, electronic remittance advice, cash posting, denial management, automating expected reimbursement calculations, payment tracking, and managing and modeling payer contracts.

Credit Management Company (CMC)
2121 Noblestown Rd., Ste. 300
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Tessa Tinley
Phone: (412) 937-0900 x (673)
Email: ttinley@creditmanagementcompany.com
Website: www.creditmanagementcompany.com

Founded in 1966, healthcare clients make up 94% of our overall portfolio – healthcare knowledge in our contact center is second to none. With offices in Pittsburgh, PA and Richardson, TX, as well as a remote workforce, CMC is fully staffed to handle our clients’ needs. We consistently innovate our business processes to remain efficient and effective for our partners and their patients.

206 Gothic Ct., Ste. 308
Franklin, TN 37067
Ken Greene
Phone: 781.838.2603
Email: kgreene@enablecomp.com
Website: www.enablecomp.com

EnableComp partners with over 800 healthcare providers to maximize their complex claims reimbursement by having the best people, processes, products and performance. Our industry leading technology and analytics identifies the right payer, at the right time, for the right amount ensuring clients collect the appropriate revenue for their complex claims.

Fenner Consulting
2 South Main Street, Ste. 402
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
John Fenner
Phone: 412-638-1846
Email: fenner@fennercorp.com
Website: www.fennercorp.com

Since 1991, Fenner Consulting has provided healthcare consulting services to academic medical centers, health systems, hospitals, nursing facilities, group practices and individual practitioners. Consulting engagements have included physician compensation planning, fair market value opinions, practice valuations and acquisitions, physician billing audits, teaching physician billing audits, operational improvement reviews, documentation and coding reviews, compliance program development, nurse practitioner and physician assistant billing reviews, provider-based department analyses, and anesthesiology, cardiology, hospitalist, pathology, radiology, emergency medicine, and family medicine billing and compensation analyses.

Glasser and Glasser, P.L.C.
580 East Main Street, Ste. 600
Norfolk, VA 23510
Austin Hale
Phone: 757-533-5555, Ext 387
Email: ahale@glasserlaw.com
Website: www.glasserlaw.com

Glasser and Glasser, P.L.C. is full service law firm that was founded in 1932. We have been rated a “Best Law Firm” by US News and AV Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell. Our attorneys include a former Virginia State Bar president, a former Chair of the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board, a President of the Virginia Creditors Bar Association, a founding member of the North Carolina Creditors Bar Association, and current president of the National Creditors Bar Association. Our bad debt legal collections department practices state-wide in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and D.C. supporting large scale physicians groups and hospitals in the collection of bad debts.

KeyBridge Medical Revenue Care
2348 Baton Rouge Avenue
Lima, OH 45805
Susan McDonald
Phone: 740-506-3372
Email: smcdonald@keybridgemed.com
Website: www.keybridgemed.com

KeyBridge Medical Revenue Care is an expert provider of Medical Revenue Care solutions; including early-out, bad-debt and extended business office services. Our focus is 100% healthcare; our area of expertise. KeyBridge is the only Medical Accounts Receivable firm measuring patient satisfaction with every call. We are extremely proud to have a 97% patient satisfaction rating with more than 100,000 patient surveys completed. KeyBridge employees drive the success of our company and we strive to provide a positive work environment. We are honored to be recognized as a 9-time winner of Best Places to Work.
We understand what it means to be better and how professional, personal attention to patients correlate with achieving successful financial results. We are expert patient experience partners to our clients.

McGuireWoods LLP
800 East Canal Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Anissa Wackeman
Phone: 804-775-4326
Email: awackerman@mcguirewoods.com
Website: www.mcguirewoods.com

715 Peachtree Street, NE, Ste. 900
Atlanta, GA 30308
Amanda Zayas
Phone: 404-808-5076
Email: amanda.zayas@patientco.com
Website: www.patientco.com

Patientco is a healthcare technology company founded specifically to rethink the patient payment experience. By combining data-calibrated communications, intuitive consumer payment tools, and world-class payment infrastructure, we create a superior billing experience and deliver more payments to Health Systems. Patientco integrates with core business platforms, such as Epic, Cerner, Meditech and Allscripts, to ensure our clients are leveraging their organizational investments while offering both patients and staff an optimal user experience. Patientco is making healthcare better one payment at a time.

Penn Credit Corporation
2800 Commerce Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Rhett Donagher
Phone: 800-800-3328
Email: marketing@penncredit.com
Website: www.penncredit.com

Penn Credit is a leading provider of accounts receivable management services to healthcare providers throughout the United States. Founded in 1987, we use the highest ethical standards to customize collection solutions for our clients, resulting in an unsurpassed reputation for successful recovery efforts and customer satisfaction. Our services include primary/secondary bad debt collection as well as extended business office services (EBO) through our Penn Billing outsourcing division.

Privia Health
950 N. Glebe Road, Ste. 700
Arlington, VA 22201
Jen Porter
Phone: 515-988-8020
Email: jen.porter@priviahealth.com
Website: www.priviahealth.com

Privia Health™ is a national physician organization meeting providers where they are to transform the healthcare delivery experience. Through high-performance physician groups, accountable care organizations, and population health management programs, Privia works in partnership with health plans, health systems, and employers to better align reimbursements to quality and outcomes. Our physician-led model, scalable systems and proprietary technology reduce unnecessary healthcare costs, achieve better outcomes, and improve the health of patients we serve.

RSI Enterprises, Inc.
5440 W. Northern Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85301
Lynne Wisehart
Phone: 888-854-4904
Email: lynne.wisehart@rsico.com
Website: www.rsico.com

RSI Enterprises, Inc. is a local healthcare service company providing trusted revenue cycle solutions (Third-Party Liability/Lien, Insurance Billing & Follow-up, Self-Pay EBO/Customer Service and Bad Debt collections) for over 34 years.

RSI is nationally licensed and provides customized solutions to clients in VA and across the country.

While maintaining the highest level of integrity, RSI will be the recovery services provider of choice, delivering superior quality and client service in our markets through successful partnerships with our people, suppliers, and customers.

As a proud supporter of and be actively involved in HFMA, we are pleased to sponsor local Chapters such as the VA/DC HFMA.

433 Plaza Real, Ste. 255
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Cathy Price-Campbell
Phone: 561-245-4379
Email: cprice@rsource.com
Website: www.rsource.com

RSource helps U.S. health systems recover maximum dollars from all types of third-party-payer claims. For Denial Recovery — programs include solutions for accounts denied for COB and other reasons that require patient involvement. For these accounts, RSource utilizes a patient advocacy approach that includes 3-way calls to payers, after-hours/weekend calls to patients, and even patient home visits. For Clinical Denial accounts, RSource’s nurse and care management employees draft persuasive appeals that include the most relevant facts from the medical records. For MVA, TPL, and Workers Compensation accounts, our RCapture™ technology identifies unknown coverage and bills claims electronically via specialized clearinghouses. RSource’s Low Balance program with advanced analytics–ClaimBrain™– automates 60% of account activity, focusing our staff on accounts that require manual work. All our programs are designed to maximize netback, enhance patient satisfaction, and provide feedback to improve front-end processes.

Satori Solutions, Inc.
1518 Willow Lawn Drive #300
Richmond, VA 23230
Wilma Kidd
Phone: 877-505-5335
Email: wilma@satorisolutionsinc.com
Website: www.satorisolutionsinc.com

Satori’s focus IS the business of healthcare. With our varied backgrounds in the healthcare business arena, we are committed to improving revenue reimbursement cycles and providing tools and strategies to leverage enhanced reimbursements for pharmaceutical drugs. We provide project oversight, management and issue resolution for new programs, policy development and implementation to improve business processes and contract compliance assessments.

VersaBadge, LLC
1500 K Street, Ste. 1100
Washington, DC 20005
Angie Anderson
Phone: 630-464-6002
Email: aanderson@versabadge.com
Website: www.versabadge.com

VersaBadge helps Critical Access Hospitals automate the tracking and reporting of ED Provider Part A Standby Time. A combination of RTLS receivers and badges and software dramatically increases accuracy over manual time studies. In most cases increased accuracy means increased reimbursement on the CMS Cost Report.

Wells Fargo Bank
1021 E. Cary Street, Floor7
Richmond, VA 23219
Anthony Conte
Phone: 804-697-6809
Email: anthony.conte@wellsfargo.com
Website: www.wellsfargo.com

Provider Sponsors

Diamond Sponsors

Valley Health
205 Wilson Avenue
Luray, VA 22835
Phillip Graybeal
Phone: 540-743-8004
Email: pgraybea@valleyhealthlink.com
Website: www.valleyhealthlink.com