Dave Karluk

Greetings Virginia – DC members! As I write this article we have just held an historic Presidential election, and one word comes to mind–Change. Much as we are going through a change of seasons from summer to fall, change is inevitable no matter the outcome of the election, and change is inevitable in our personal and business lives. The question is–Are you prepared for change?

As a member of HFMA, you are provided a variety of tools, opportunities and relationships to help you prepare for and cope with change in your business life. Our chapter’s Education Committee stays busy year round identifying hot topics and issues in healthcare finance and planning the meetings and workshops to educate and empower our membership.

Please keep an eye out for emails and notifications on our website and social media sites for upcoming educational events. By attending our chapter’s educational offerings, either in person or via webinar, you will be adequately prepared for change at work. Our next state meeting is March 15-17, 2017 at The Hilton Hotel and Spa / Short Pump in Richmond. This should prove to be a great meeting in a fantastic setting.

Certification is another great way to prepare for change. CHFP will set you apart from your peers and competition, and when change comes around you will be prepared and recognized. If you are interested in learning more about attaining certification through HFMA, please contact Shawn Nelson at Shawn.Nelson@rivhs.com.

Our chapter is fortunate to have many companies that provide us with financial sponsorship. Thank you very much to all corporations who sponsor our chapter. Sponsorships come in a variety of packages, but they are all beneficial to our chapter’s success. Without your generous support, our chapter wouldn’t be able to cope with the many changes that it has experienced over time. Your support assures that we continue to offer the very best programs and educational sessions for our membership. If your company would like to join the ranks of sponsorship, please contact Dave Karluk at David.Karluk@mwhc.com.

It’s also time for a change in our chapter leadership and we will experience an election of our own in January 2017. The nominating committee will meet in November 2016 to make sure that our chapter has experienced and qualified leaders and candidates to take us successfully into the next year and beyond. You will receive the 2017-2018 ballots electronically. Please be sure to cast your vote for the various officers and board members that you will see on your ballot in January. The new officers and directors will be installed at the spring educational conference in March, 2017.

Volunteers are essential to our chapter. Volunteers can institute change. Did you know that approximately 4% of our membership is the volunteer force that makes it all happen? When you consider the amount of work it takes to plan and run educational events, publish newsletters, maintain a website, maintain our various social media sites, handle registration, recruit and retain membership, offer certification training, etc., 4% of 735 members is a small group doing a great deal of work. Please join a committee, help our chapter, and experience all that HFMA has to offer. It will change your HFMA experience, and you will find it personally rewarding as well!

I want to wish each of you a safe and happy holiday season! I hope to see you all in Richmond in March!

Dave Karluk
President-Elect, VA-DC HFMA