Service to Members

  1. Education
    Conduct two Statewide Meetings annually, with program topics suggested by the membership and including at least one vendor fair.Participate and support HFMA Region IV Meetings by attendance and by participating in the rotation to sponsor the Mid-Atlantic Region IV Meeting in Virginia.


    Review and evaluate the mix of educational sessions and determine the appropriate mix that will meet the membership needs.

    Conduct Chapter Regional Meetings (1/2 day/ full day workshops or dinner meetings)

  2. Networking
    Provide opportunities at the State and Regional meetings for formal and informal member interaction.
  3. Coaching Course
    Develop a certification mentor program for potential candidates.
  4. Advocacy
    Maintain communications with the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association in support of legislative issues by maintaining an ex-officio Board position from their staff.
  5. Management Process
    Improve management processes by implementing an organizational structure in the form of a committee structure, including job descriptions for all leaders and committee members.
  6. Fun
    Plan non-stressful, relaxing activities that encourage participating members to have fun!

Quality of Service

  1. Survey
    Conduct a bi-annual membership survey to ensure that the Chapter is meeting the members’ needs.
  2. Program Evaluation
    Utilize evaluations of programs to determine their effectiveness and to modify format if needed in the future. Results should be shared with the membership.
  3. Leadership
    Encourage and support all Officers and Directors to attend National Leadership Training Conferences.
  4. Sponsorship
    Implement and review the performance of the new Sponsorship program.

Goals for Chapter Growth

  1. Membership
    Maintain at least the current membership level.
    Develop a targeted membership strategy and bring the targeted groups into a leadership position.
  2. Student Membership
    Continue the recruitment of student members from graduate level programs in Health Administration.
  3. Chapter Demographics
    Continue to focus on appointing Chapter leaders from the various areas throughout the State.