The name of this organization shall be VIRGINIA-DC CHAPTER,  HEALTHCARE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION. For the purpose of identification and brevity. The Virginia Chapter hereinafter shall he referred to as the “Chapter and the Healthcare Financial Management Association hereinafter shall be referred to as – HFMA”.


The HFMA is an Association of individuals who are organized to improve financial management of healthcare institutions and related healthcare organizations:

  1. To foster and increase knowledge of and proficiency in financial management;
  2. To conduct and participate in educational programs and activities concerning financial management;
  3. To provide media for the interchange of ideas and dissemination of material relative to financial management;
  4. To strengthen cooperation among individuals of varying disciplines in financial management;
  5. To develop curricula and financial management supporting material for use by educational institutions;
  6. To cooperate with healthcare institutions and related healthcare organizations and agencies. and other interested groups in matters pertaining to financial management;
  7. To establish and promulgate principles relative to financial management;
  8. To promote and encourage financial management standards of performance for individuals and institutions in the various areas of financial management;
  9. To undertake research in financial management related to these objectives.


Membership in the Chapter shall be open to all members of HFMA who live and/or work in the geographic areas set forth in the Chapter’s charter, as originally granted by HFMA or as the same may be amended from time to time by the Board of Directors. Classes of membership within the Chapter and qualifications for membership in those classes shall be the same as those specified in the Bylaws of HFMA.


  1. For the purpose of carrying out its objectives the Chapter may undertake activities that will promote and develop the Chapter and effect the objectives stated in this Constitution pursuant to guidelines and limitations prescribed by statute or by HFMA.
  2. No dividends of pecuniary profits shall ever be declared or paid to the membership of the Chapter or to any other individual or entity or group of individuals or entities.
  3. The Chapter shall not undertake any action or practice which would jeopardize its exemption from the payment of Federal income taxes as a tax exempt organization within the meaning of Section 501c(6) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended, or the corresponding provisions of any future United Stated revenue law.


The affairs of the Chapter shall be managed by the Board of Directors through its officers. The powers and duties of the officers and the Board of Directors are defined in the Chapter’s Bylaws.


Meetings of the Chapter membership and the Board of Directors shall be held in accordance with the Chapter’s Bylaws.


If, for any reason, the Chapter ceases to function, or in the event of its liquidation or dissolution, or the revocation of its Chapter for due cause by HFMA, all funds in the Chapter Treasury and all Chapter records shall automatically become the property of HFMA and shall be forwarded to the President of HFMA,


The Bylaws of the Chapter shall be admitted and taken to be its laws subject to this Constitution.


  1. Amendments to the Constitution shall be made by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Chapter membership voting, provided:
  2. A copy of the resolution to Amend the Constitution, together with the full Text of the amendments, heretofore approved by the Board of Directors, is sent to all Chapter members by the Secretary of the Chapter together with a ballot on which can be indicated approval of the Resolution; and Provided that
  3. The Ballot clearly indicates it is to be returned to the Secretary of the Chapter at the address shown within thirty (30) days after the date shown on the ballot, at which time the replies shall be tallied and results made known to the membership.
  4. Before becoming effective, any such amendment must be submitted to and be approved by the Board of Directors, HFMA.
  5. Amendments to the Constitution shall be effective immediately, unless otherwise adopted pursuant to the procedures set forth above provided in the text of the amendment.