Mission, Vision & Values

Chapter Mission Statement

The Virginia DC Chapter of HFMA is a voluntary organization made up of healthcare professionals organized to offer its members and sponsoring organizations the opportunity to enhance their proficiency in financial management by:

  • Providing professional development through education, information, peer interaction and opportunity for certification.
  • Collaborating with the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association, DC Hospital Association, and other channels, influence healthcare financial management and policy decisions through issue development and advocacy efforts.
  • Promoting the Code of Ethics adopted by National HFMA.

Chapter Vision Statement

The Virginia DC Chapter will continue to be the leading professional resource for individuals seeking excellence in the financial management of integrated health systems and other healthcare organizations.

Chapter Values

  • Service – We believe that service to our members is our highest priority. Programs are evaluated and provided from the perspective of filling member needs.
  • Excellence – We strive for excellence in all Chapter activities
  • Teamwork – Teamwork provides the foundation needed to meet Chapter goals and objectives.
  • Innovation and Creativity – Innovation and creativity are the cornerstones of future growth and development.
  • Individuals – Commitment and contributions by the individual Chapter members are our most important asset and critical to our success.
  • Financial Responsibility – The Chapter has a fiduciary responsibility to its members to conduct Chapter activities in a prudent business manner.